Improving by listening to you...

After receiving thousands of applicants for our test crew concept it became more apparent that there are thousands of bikers who agree with us in thinking that the only way of improving the quality of motorcycle clothing is by asking you - the everyday biker - to test it.

We believe that by being the first UK clothing brand to take this bold step - getting our kit thoroughly tested in everyday, real-life situations by members of the biking public we will be the first to truly develop clothing that satisfies all your needs from what you expect from your kit.


Product Tested: Explorer jacket and trousers

“The explorer is really waterproof, I rode to work this week in the pouring rain and remained completely dry.”

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“Hi, I'm Adrian Perry, currently I ride a Hinckley Triumph Bonneville a great British bike from a great British Company with the same ethics as Spada - making quality products at affordable prices, that look good and are built to last. I have been riding motorcycles since 1980 and never been without a bike. As you can see I like practical quality kit that lasts and I believe Spada provide that.

I ride 40 miles a day in good and bad weather and the ride to and from work are the best bits of my working day. I ride sociably with friends and am a member of Triumph RAT and The Royal British Legion Riders Association. Bikes and the social life that go with them are very much my way of life and I'm pleased to see Spada getting involved at this level with everyday bikers like me!”


Product Tested: Orbit Jacket

“I have used the jacket pretty much exclusively for commuting and for a few rides out on sunny afternoons as well. The comfort and quality of the fit is good and it holds off rain. A heavy downpour did defeat it, but its not really aimed at that so no criticism there really. The zips all work well and the velcro is nice and grippy.

Wear wise its looking very good, the logos have stayed nice and bright white, I thought they may become dirty and look so, but it hasn’t happened so far. Generally I go with a long jacket for fabric clothing, but it has been refreshing trying the shorter one and I am a bit of a convert now.”

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“I am not a courier, racer, continental tourer or a rider who spends a firtune on kit. I am a regular family man that runs my bike on a tight budget and pure passion, and have done so for many years. I need my kit to be top quality, long lasting and good value for money.

I will be giving an honest, intelligible and relevant review of Spada kit that I hope will be respected by the thousands of UK bikers out there just like me!!”


Product Tested: Core jacket and Fineliner trousers

“The trousers have been great, no problems at all, seams holding up well despite being thrashed in all weathers. Not worn them in the sun, too hot, even with liners out.”

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Product Tested: Planet Jacket

“I kept wearing the jacket you sent and LOVED it so much I didn't go back to the IXS textile one that I had previously. That's still hanging in the cupboard! Everything about it is still fab, nothing has worn oddly or worn out. It's all good! :O) ”

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Product Tested: Hairpin jacket and Endo Trousers

“The trousers have proven to be both warm and waterproof throughout the winter, showing no signs of wear. The jacket and gloves are back out and despite my concerns, the jacket is breathable. The summer gloves are as comfortable and cool in hot weather as I remembered.”

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Product Tested: Endo trousers

“The trousers have been great, no problems at all, seams holding up well despite being thrashed in all weathers. Not worn them in the sun, too hot, even with liners out.”

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“Apart from my rugged good looks, sense of humour and absolute humility, I should be a Spada Crew test rider because I ride all year in all weather and get through quite a lot of gear. I also test to destruction items of military kit and write factual, no-nonsense reports that people can relate to.

As an active member of my local club, I will, no doubt, get no-holds barred reports on styling from my fellow members which will act as a weights and measures check on my own ideas!”

Whatever and however you ride. Ride it in Spada.

Whether its waterproof textiles and boots for that 'long way round' adventure or a leather one-piece and helmet to compliment your season of track days ahead - we believe the SPADA range is your answer, offering three simple values:

  • Great looking gear
  • Terrific value for money
  • British design means high-quality and best safety standards